Welcome to I Love AWS .com: This website demonstrates some of the basic features of AWS services and contains links to AWS-related resources such as technical blogs. The site is organised by training topic.

The website has been hosted on a S3 (Simple Storage Service) Bucket called iloveaws.com in the UK region. It illustrates how S3 can be used to host a static 'serverless' web site. The site makes use of CloudFront content deliver to cache artifacts on the Edge, and to host the SSL certificates. The DNS name is hosted by Amazon Route 53.

NOTE: This website is intended for my own personal use. There is no direct or implied liability in respect of Amazon Web Services (AWS). All comments are my own. If I am not actually delivering a training course, some of the demonstration links may be disabled for cost purposes.


The fundamentals of building IT infrastructure on AWS. How to optimize the use of the AWS cloud by understanding AWS services and how these services fit into cloud-based solutions. Architecting on AWS

Developing and DevOps Engineering

How to use the AWS SDK to develop secure and scalable cloud applications. Developing on AWS (also includes Advanced Developing material).

How to use the most common DevOps patterns to develop, deploy and maintain applications on AWS. (Includes Links for Running Container-Enabled MicroServices) DevOps Engineering on AWS

System Operations

How to create automatable and repeatable deployments of networks and systems on the AWS platform. System Operations

Migrating to AWS

How to plan and migrate existing workloads to the AWS Cloud. Migrating

Security Engineering

How to efficiently use AWS security services to stay secure and compliant in the AWS cloud. AWS-recommended security best practices that you can implement to enhance the security of your data and systems in the cloud. Security Engineering

Databases, Big Data and Data Warehousing

Planning and designing both relational and nonrelational databases using AWS database services Planning and Designing Databases on AWS

How to use Amazon EMR to process data using the broad ecosystem of Hadoop tools like Hive and Hue and work with Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, Amazon QuickSight, Amazon Athena and Amazon Kinesis. Big Data on AWS

How to design a cloud-based data warehousing solution using Amazon Redshift, the petabyte-scale data warehouse in AWS. Data Warehousing on AWS

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Deep Learning (DL) solutions on Amazon Web Services. Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)-based Deep Learning Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and MXNet framework. Machine Learning on AWS